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#merrychristmasstarbucks Is a Symptom of Pointless Conservative Christian Self-Martyrdom

You may have seen the pictures or videos Conservative Christians are spreading around the Internet of the words "Merry Christmas" handwritten on Starbucks's redesigned red Christmas cups. The phenomenon was started by Joshua Feuerstein, a former evangelist and current antagonist of "political correctness." He realized that Starbucks had redesigned its cups to remove festive Christmas tree branches and ornaments, and had made its cup much more simple, with a sleek, red design.

The 10 Nicest Spam Comments I've Ever Gotten

Blogging is a good time, but little is more frightening than occasionally taking a stroll down the dark alley of the blogosphere--spam comments. But even the blogosphere's dark alley has its nice points: sometimes spam comments can be complimentary. Of course, the writers want you to click on their title/link so that you'll buy something. The compliment is just to get you curious because they know everyone (especially bloggers) likes to feel that someone appreciates them.

An Open Letter to Pyramid Scheme Salesmen Everywhere

Recently, I met a [pyramid scheme organization] salesman at church (though I didn't know it was a pyramid scheme at first). He was older and combined an interesting history with an easy-going personality. I asked him what he did for work, and he began telling me about an opportunity to make money.I eventually met with him to talk, and he laid out [pyramid scheme organization's] business plan. His presentation lacked detail and focused on the low effort and high returns that depended on me introducing him to my friends so we could get them to become salesmen too (see:  pyramid scheme). When we finished, I told him I'd think about it and respond.