What's this all about?


The Pop Song Professor project started when I was Googling song lyrics meanings to find out what my music's lyrics meant. I couldn't find anyone who explained the lyrics very well, and I had just graduated with my master's in English, so I decided to explain songs for myself. People started to read my explanations, so I kept explaining. I eventually started a podcast and then a YouTube channel. 

People should want to know the meanings of popular song lyrics!

  • There's untapped potential for using them in classrooms to teach literary concepts
  • Churches and youth groups can use them to connect with students
  • Academia has ignored pop songs for a long time, but they're one of the most common forms of media 
  • If we demand meaning in our lyrics, artists will begin to write more meaningful and uplifting songs

I explain these song lyrics because I want to help you to better understand what your artists are saying and to enjoy your music more. So, enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions. You can always email me at clifford@popsongprofessor.com with questions or ideas!

~Clifford Stumme, AKA The Pop Song Professor