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What does "Hot Gates" by Mumford & Sons mean?

"Hot Gates" is, by far, the most pointed and purposeful song on Mumford & Sons's Wilder Mind album. It's a sharp and clear cry that begs a friend considering suicide to choose to keep fighting on. The music is mostly soft and quiet, though it contains the powerful swells that have been a signature of the style on Wilder Mind. The song, itself, lyrics and music together, is a powerful, complicated plea for life.

What does "Ditmas" by Mumford & Sons mean?

Any song on Wilder Mind that's upbeat is a surprise. In the case of "Ditmas," it's certainly a pleasant one. The song nearly lilts as it rushes through the story of yet another love that isn't working out, this time through the fault of a woman who accuses Mumford of having changed even while she leaves him behind for a "[a] life lived much too fast." The song is sad, but it's not mournful; Mumford argues deftly and powerfully-he won't let the blame for the end of this relationship fall on him.

What does "Cold Arms" by Mumford & Sons mean?

"Cold Arms"is a song of pain and sorrow, which isn't anything new to Wilder Mind but this song asks a tough question and shows what may be the difficult-to-live-with wrong answer.Marcus Mumford and the band play this song slowly and mournfully, a strummed electric guitar ringing out just enough melody to highlight the sadness of what is being said. "Cold Arms" goes beyond the other songs on the album in its attempt to be truly honest and vulnerable with its audience.An interesting aspect of "Cold Arms" is the ease with which one can sing along with it, and doing so, oddly enough, feels confessional and cleansing. The lyrics are about a man who told a woman he loved her without meaning it. His words have brought them together, but the words were empty, so the two end the song together in a bad situation, not really loving each other and simply keeping up a ruse they both know is false.

What does "Broad-Shouldered Beasts" by Mumford & Sons mean?

I try to keep my own personality out of my song explanation posts as much as possible, and I tried to stay objective and unbiased for this song, but I love "Broad-Shouldered Beasts" so much that I've got to say something about it. It's the seventh song on Wilder Mind, and other than "Believe," it's the only song on the album that's filled my eyes with tears. It's beautiful and sweet and calming and reassuring. The love demonstrated in this song is the purest I've seen so far in this album, and it's wonderful. You've got to listen to it for yourself.

What does "Monster" by Mumford & Sons mean?

The sixth track on Wilder Mind is "Monster," and it's a slow melancholy reverie on a relationship that actually does have hope for survival, though not without a letting go of ambition. Ringing electric guitar, gentle harmonies, and an easy-going melody give the song a thoughtful, near-bluesy relaxing feel. It's the kind of song you could listen to quietly as you drift off to sleep, and it's available on Amazon!

What does "Just Smoke" by Mumford & Sons mean?

While you may begin listening to the fifth track on Wilder Mind wondering whether or not it's sponsored by tobacco companies, you'll soon find out that the cryptic title "Just Smoke" has a bit more depth and a little bit more pain associated with it than you'd have expected. Additionally, a rousing chorus filled with harmonies, major chords, and powerful synth propel this song to a level of excitement not yet heard on this album. The song is fairly complicated, despite the lyrics being largely literal, but the message is a valuable and worthwhile perspective on a broken relationship. Mumford sings about his misplaced faith in young love and how it wasn't strong enough for him. The song is the story of the heart-breaking process of ending a relationship built on young love.

What does "Wilder Mind" by Mumford & Sons mean?

The drum beat at the beginning of "Wilder Mind" from the new Mumford & Sons album Wilder Mind had me confused. It's upbeat and happy-sounding and fairly fast. The previous songs released had been moody and heavy, but this song was so much lighter, suggesting far lighter tone and subject matter. However, the difference didn't last; the music thickened quickly and the lyrics in "Wilder Mind" are still intense and near-brooding.

What does "Tompkins Square Park" by Mumford & Sons mean?

"Tompkins Square Park" is about a relationship that ends in Tompkins Square Park in New York City, the site, according to Wikipedia, of numerous riots over the past 150 years. The park served as a gathering place for artists (Allen Ginsberg lived nearby during the 1988 riots), bohemians, and the homeless. Due to gentrification, the park has lost some of its artsy vibe, but its legacy serves well as a backdrop for the difficult subject of Mumford & Sons's new song.

What does "The Wolf" by Mumford & Sons Mean?

Mumford and Sons just released the next installment from their soon-to-come album, Wilder Mind. The song is called "The Wolf," and it's a departure from their earlier music. Gone are the days of hipster alternative blends of folk instruments and crooning, soulful harmonies. "The Wolf" retains some of the familiar harmonizing, but everything is more intense. While his voice stays recognizable, the music surrounding Marcus Mumford's vocals is much grittier and much more rockin' & rollin'.