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Podcast: "Green Light" by Lorde Is about Heartbreak...aaaaand Getting over It!

Folks, I love Lorde's a lot. And so I'm really excited to be explaining "Green Light" by her, from her upcoming album Melodrama. This song is excellent, and I think you'll enjoy this unique and original look at heartbreak and the process of getting over heartbreak and what comes after. Lorde uses some pretty unique tactics in her song, and I think she pulls them off really well.

What does "Green Light" by Lorde mean?

I should preface this by saying that I'm a huge Lorde fan, but I won't let that color my explanation and analysis of her song. Pure Heroine was the first time, personally, that a new album came out that I could listen to straight through and then start again. Every song on that record was amazing, and I loved them all. It opened me up to the new experience of listening to an album as a whole, which is more difficult than you might think in a world that runs on singles.