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What does "Wow, I'm Not Crazy" by AJR mean?

What does "Wow, I'm Not Crazy" by AJR mean?

“Wow, I’m Not Crazy” Lyrics Meaning

AJR’s “Wow, I’m Not Crazy” focuses on the idea that at least one person in the world is the same kind of weird as us. It’s a sweet song, especially because it isn’t even clear if it’s about a romance or a friendship.

“You’re just like me and you take delight in it”

The singer of “Wow, I’m Not Crazy” experiences loneliness and an undertone of shame colors all of his statements about his being “kinda different.” His perspective begins to change as he meets someone who shares his fear of clowns and his dislike for parties. This person isn’t ashamed of the way they are, but takes delight in it. After meeting this person, the singer comes to the realization that he isn’t crazy, just different.

Verse 1

Don’t kill me 'cause I’m just the messenger

I already went and took my temperature

And I’m not sick, I took all my vitamins

Yeah, I’m not sick, I’m just kinda different

The first verse is a variation of the phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” which is often said by a person giving bad news they have no control over. The singer follows this with the bad news that he’s “not sick, [he] took all [his] vitamins” and “took [his ] temperature.” This is bad news for the person he’s talking to, because it means that he isn’t the way he is because of something temporary like an illness, but because he’s “just kinda different.”


Oh, different, so different

They tell us to be different

But no one told me I could go too far

He recalls how people often encourage uniqueness and have told him to “be different.” He believes they should have warned him that he “could go too far,” and become so different that either society won’t accept him, or won’t understand him because of his uniqueness.


Frankly, I’m scared of clowns

And get-togethers get me down

But when you talk, it’s like, "Wow, I’m not crazy"

Frankly, I feel insane

But you say you feel the same

And suddenly, it’s like, "Hey, I’m not crazy"

'Cause when you talk, it’s like, Wow, I’m not crazy"

In the chorus, the singer finally meets someone who is strange in the same ways he is. He feels comfortable admitting to this person that he’s “scared of clowns” and that “get-togethers get [him] down.” He feels accepted by this person (likely a romantic interest, but it could also be a close friend) because when they talk he feels like he’s “not crazy” because of their shared quirks.

Verse 2

Don’t kill me 'cause I’m just the messenger

I’ve never seen someone quite this strange before

You’re just like me, you took all your vitamins

You’re just like me and you take delight in it

In the second verse the singer compares himself to this new person who understands him. He hates to tell them this, but he’s “never seen someone quite this strange before.” They don’t take offence to this proclamation, however. This person embraces their personal uniqueness and takes “delight in it,” rather than running from it as he does.

Deeper Meaning of “Wow, I’m Not Crazy” by AJR

While the song itself is straightforward in its meaning, the message is an encouraging one. Every person is strange. We all have something that’s unusual about us, something that isn’t “mainstream”. It’s only human. “Wow, I’m Not Crazy” is a reminder that while our odd preferences or embarrassing fears may make us feel misunderstood or alienated from some people, there is always at least one person who shares those likes and dislikes, and who we can “take delight” in our uniqueness with. It’s only a matter of running into them. (

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