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What does "Love to Lay" by The Weeknd mean?

What does "Love to Lay" by The Weeknd mean?

What does "Love to Lay" by The Weeknd mean?

"Love to Lay" by The Weeknd is an interesting song on the Starboy album because it's one where The Weeknd is on the receiving end of some of the other habits that he brags about. The song is an interesting take on a relationship that leaves The Weeknd taken advantage of.

"Love to Lay" Lyrics Meaning

In "Love to Lay," The Weeknd complains that there's a woman, while she wants to have sex with him, is unwilling to commit to a relationship with him and probably doesn't even want to be with him in the first place anyway. The Weeknd is hurt by it, but seems to keep trying to convince her to settle down with him. She'll have none of it and continue to simply "love to lay."

Verse 1: "Have We Met?" *rolls back her side of the bed*

In the first verse of "Love to Lay," The Weeknd sings, "It has begun again, my friend / In this room, we are nothing but strangers in a bed." He and this woman seem to have had sex the night before, and he acknowledges that they're making a  mistake with the somewhat reluctant "has begun again." Even though they were intimate with each other, they spend little time together outside of bedrooms, and he seems to be worried by that.

The Weeknd blames her for making him "fall again" and wonders how he could "forget when [she] said love was just pretend?" Apparently, they had sex before, and when The Weeknd thought it was getting serious, she left him. He remembers this now and feels stupid for forgetting it.

Pre-Chorus: Just...No...

The Weeknd tells us that he "told her I've been thinkin' 'bout her lately." He hints romantic interest and waits to see how she'll react. Her response is to tell him "that to love her is so crazy." She won't reciprocate, and he should just give up.

Chorus: Sex and Nothing More

The Weeknd describes who she is more when he follows "to love her is so crazy" up with "'Cause she loves to lay." He tells us that he "learned the hard way" and "blame[s]" himself for falling for it again. To her, "it's all a game," and he should have known they couldn't have a future together.

Verse 2: Repeat!

Verse 2 merely repeats lines from verse 1.

Bridge: Another Man?

In the bridge, The Weeknd wonders whether he has competition. He sings, "I feel there's someone else / Worth your time from the start." He worries that even though this woman is having sex with him that she'd rather be with someone else. This man is "just one call away / From your mind and your heart," and with this The Weeknd feels their relationship may be very close to the end.

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