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What does "Me and Your Momma" by Childish Gambino mean?

What does "Me and Your Momma" by Childish Gambino mean?

What does the song "Me and Your Momma" mean to me? I think the song is smooth and slick and powerful. Childish Gambino is the stage name for Donald Glover, one of my favorite actors on Community--an amazingly hilarious show you NEED to check out but may only be able to find on Netflix if you're from Canada.

That's where my mind went when I first heard of the song. But what does "Me and Your Momma" mean to me personally? I'm thinking about it, and I think the answer is "not much yet." That's something I've been challenged by recently. I don't want to just explain songs. I want to feel them. "Me and Your Momma" is so unique, so passionate, and just light enough on lyrics that it really is all about feelings. And it gives a kind of sad, real, tragic feeling that makes me want to cry for what's sad but not lose hope that things can get better. Childish Gambino starts in a deep, mournful place but much of the melody leaves me with the feeling that it has potential to rise higher and higher.

That's what I like about this song: it's about good things coming even if the present is a little mixed with both good and bad. Let me explain what I mean and don't forget to check out the song for yourself.

The Meaning

"Me and Your Momma" by Childish Gambino is about a relationship. Glover sings, "Let me into your heart / Oh, this ain't no bullshit / I really love you, girl." The song as a whole is him singing to her, asking for more, to go deeper, and to love stronger. It's powerful because the music serves as a setting and accent for his voice that coveys emotion and power.

Intro: Marijuana

Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) is apparently a fan of marijuana, and he connects it closely to his relationship with this other person. He sings, "I'm in love when we are smoking that la-la-la-la-la." The dreamy, ethereal qualities of being high on pot blend, in his mind, with his experience of being in love with his significant other and intensify the experience.

Hook: Fate & Destiny

The hook of "Me and Your Momma" is different all three times we hear it, but all iterations give powerful thoughts and feelings. He tells his interest to "[l]et me into your heart" and claims that "this ain't no bullshit." He tells her that she can do "what you want" but "I'm gonna get you girl" and "I really love you girl." This is a classic sentiment--the idea of destiny and being fated for one another, even if one person in the relationship isn't interested...yet. (Not that this is always a good thing.)

Verse 1: Haters

In the first verse "Me and Your Momma," Childish Gambino sings the lyrics, "Can't stand it, backhanded! / They wanna see us fallin' apart!" Others may not be as happy for them as he likes, and there are difficult circumstances surrounding them coming together. Not only is she perhaps not as enthusiastic as he is, but he's possibly having to fight other people's opinions as well.

Of course, based on the music, he really doesn't seem worried. The slow, smooth RnB/Gospel sound suggests that while situations are difficult, he's confident in his fate and that his personal strategy is just to be patient and consistent.

Verse 2: Distance

In the second verse, Childish Gambino sings the lyrics, "This is the end of us! / Sleeping with the moon and the stars! / I know where you've been, you can see the sun!" This could be a reference to them being high and riding out the storm or be an accusation against her of being unfaithful (or at least not wanting to be with him).

This stanza confuses me, and I think you'll be better served by listening to the song and feeling whatever comes to you than puzzling out these lines. If I had to give it my best guess though, I would say he's somewhat frustrated or impatient and feels there's a large distance between them in regards to their relationship and between where the relationship is now and where he wants it to be.

Bridge: Puppy Love

In the bridge, he comments on how she's "really got a hold on" him and explains that this "isn't just puppy love." He's serious about this and plans to stick it out, despite the difficulties.

Outro: Emphasis

The outro mainly repeats lines from other stanzas and emphasizes the power of his emotions, highlighting his desire to get "into" her heart because she's "really got a hold" on him.

"Me and Your Momma" Deeper Thoughts

I think that if you're really looking for strong explanation of the lyrics to this song, you're not appreciating "Me and Your Momma" the right way. The song is powerful because of how it sounds, how it feels, and the ways that it doesn't do what you expect. We know Donald Glover for his rap, but this song is something entirely different. "Me and Your Momma" has far fewer words than the average rap song, contains more raw emotion, and still has something powerful to say about a personal experience.

Listen to this song and soak it in. Don't overthink it. That's my advice.

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