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What does "All I Ask" by Adele mean?

What does "All I Ask" by Adele mean?


SONG MEANING: In "All I Ask," Adele is on the eve of a breakup (it seems because things won't work out logistically--maybe not because they don't like each other), and she wants to find comfort in her boyfriend but knows that the next day he'll be gone.

Adele's 25 continues to break records this week--she already sold over 3 million albums in her first week, and no one knows when it will end. The album is beautiful and heart-rending. People have enjoyed it immensely, and the songs continue to show new depths of emotion and thought on Adele's part. I think it's interesting that one of the most popular albums of our time is often so sad. Adele doesn't stay on the superficially "happy" partying level that a lot of pop music does, and people are reacting to it positively (even if it means they're crying).

Meaning of Adele's "All I Ask"

This song is really beautiful, and it's very much worth the listen. Adele begins the First Verse, "I will leave my heart at the door / I won't say a word." She's going to try to control her emotions and wants to restrain herself. She says, "They've all been said before, you know." There's nothing new that she can add to the conversation to avoid the impending separation. So, she suggests, "So why don't we just play pretend / Like we're not scared of what is coming next / Or scared of having nothing left?" She suggests that though they will be separating, they spend this last night in feigned comfort and denial--enjoying each other's company one last time.

The Pre-chorus is heart-breaking. She sings, "Look, don't get me wrong / I know there is no tomorrow / All I ask is . . ." She's aware that he'll be gone the next day, but she wants just this last night with him.

The Chorus continues that plea for them to stay together a little longer. Adele sings, “If this is my last night with you / Hold me like I’m more than just a friend.” Tomorrow, they’ll just be friends and not be able to seek the same deep emotional comfort from each other. Tonight, she wants to indulge in that comfort as much as possible. She sings, “Give me a memory I can use / Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do.” Though it sounds like innuendo on the surface perhaps, I don’t think this is about sex necessarily–I think she just wants to have good last memories with him. She doesn’t want it to end ugly and wants the relationship to have been worthwhile.

Adele - When We Were Young 4She sings, “It matters how this ends / Cause what if I never love again?” Many fear they’ll never find love again when they have to give up on a relationship that wasn’t taking them anywhere. Adele, here, wants to still be able to believe in the truth of love, but she’s afraid she’ll never find it again, so she hopes that this memory will be enough to assure her in the future that real love does exist.

In Verse 2, Adele, sings, “I don’t need your honesty / It’s already in your eyes.” She doesn’t need him to be “honest” with her, since she sees the sad truth in the way he looks at her. Likewise, she knows her “eyes . . . speak for” her as well. But it’s still sad to leave since “[n]o one knows me like you.” The worst part is that since he’s “the only one that matters,” she doesn’t know who to “run to.” Since she’s losing him–the one person she’d want comfort from–she’s lost about who to ask for help from.

In the Bridge, Adele sings, “Let this be our lesson in love / Let this be the way we remember us.” If they’ve learned anything about how good love can be or how it should be, it’s been from each other, and she doesn’t want them to forget that bond. She wants to always remember this moment. This last moment together shouldn’t be marred by them being “cruel or vicious,” and since they’re making the right decision, they don’t need to ask “for forgiveness,” but she still wants him to “[h]old [her] like [she’s] more than just a friend” for this last night.

“All I Ask” is a sad, bittersweet song about a relationship on the brink of extinction, and Adele only wants to pause that destruction for one night more, so she can always remember how good it was and what love really should look like.

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