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Song Meaning Pro Discussion #1: The BIGGEST Question

Song Meaning Pro Discussion #1: The BIGGEST Question

Discussion: Dooooon't Stop Belieeeeving!

Glad you made it! I can't wait to hear what song you found and what you think of it.

Just to help keep the creative juices flowing, I've copied down the "homework" part of the email I sent you.

The big question for the song you're trying to decode is this: What does the artist believe will give them meaning?

Once you ask this question, the song's lyrics will begin to line up and start making more sense. Some artists will believe that faith will fill that hole in their hearts. Some believe relationships will. Some search for meaning in drugs--others in partying. The list goes on and on. Asking this question is the first step to really understanding a song.

Your Turn: Do you feel this need to find something? What're you filling that need for meaning with? What makes you feel alive? What are you searching for? (I suggest journalling about this for at least five minutes as quickly as possible.) Artists have this same need you do, and once you know what you're searching for, it'll be easier to decide what they're searching for.

Homework: Pick a song (the more random, the better) and analyze it by asking the following questions: Does the songwriter want something? What is the songwriter looking for to solve his or her problems? How does the songwriter fill emptiness in hi/her life? How does this songwriter answer Journey's cry to not stop believing?

NOW ANALYZE! In the comment area below, mention your song and tell us what you learned about it. You and your findings may get featured in an email or a podcast in the future!

Don't forget that the lesson on "Can't Feel My Face" and picking the correct interpretation of a song is coming up tomorrow! You can read about "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd on my blog while you wait! The big question is whether it's about drugs or a woman.

Can't wait to hear from you again!

Your friend,

Clifford Stumme

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