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What does "How Deep Is Your Love" by Calvin Harris and Disciples mean?

Calvin Harris (and the band Disciples) just came out with a new song called "How Deep Is Your Love." The song is a dance track with a strong female vocal. The song's evocative of Avicii's "You Make Me," and is definitely dance-worthy. The song was released on July 17, 2015 to acclaim by a wide variety of critics and reviewers, especially as a return for Harris to the style that made him popular.

Disciples is difficult to find information on since so many bands go by that name, and their website gives little information about them other than to show that they have done several remixes as well as a few songs of their own. Calvin Harris, on the other hand, is hard not to hear about, especially since he's rumored to be dating Taylor Swift. Harris's real name is Adam Richard Wiles, and he's a singer and DJ from Scotland. Some listeners theorize that this song actually could be about Swift, but such rumors seem unsubstantiated due to the song's general terms and ideas.

Calvin Harris Screenshot

Calvin Harris Screenshot

"How Deep Is Your Love" Lyrics Meaning

"How Deep Is Your Love" is a song dependent heavily on hypnotic repetition and a fascination with the idea of love as something deep (an idea notably mentioned in Ephesians 3:18). Apart from that, Harris's lyrics are not exceptionally deep themselves, but they support the music's laudable and enjoyable dance vibe.

Uncredited singer Ina Wroldsen begins, "I want you to breathe me / Let me be your air." This is a plea for intimacy and closeness lauded as "sexy" by Bustle writer Mallory Carra. What really cements the sexiness of this opening stanza are the next two lines: "Let me roam your body freely / No inhibition, no fear." This relationship certainly is physical, and the singer wants her love to be based not on separation but on the greatest closeness possible.

The next stanza begins with the song’s title: “How deep is your love?” It quickly progresses to a request for a definition of depth. Wroldsen sings, “Is it like the ocean? / What devotion? Are you?” The narrator of Harris’s dance track wants confirmation that this love truly will last and challenges her partner to go further in his willingness to devote himself to her as she has done for him.

She continues to ask, “Is it like nirvana?” She wants to be able to enjoy his love for her and for him to enjoy it as well. She wants it to be intense: “Hit me harder, again / . . . / Pull me closer, again.”

For the narrator of “How Deep Is Your Love,” love is something that brings light to a situation: “Open up my eyes and / Tell me who I am.” It brings a sense of identity to those partaking of it and promotes a forged identity between the participants: “Let me in on all your secrets.” It also provides for sexual exploration without fear of guilt, which Wroldsen implies when she sings, “No inhibition, no sin.”

The rest of the song repeats already given sentiments but with the addition of asking “can we go deeper?” a further challenge from the singer to her partner to show his love in a more passionate and emotion-charged way.

“How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Disciples is purely dance pop. Very little happens in the lyrics to directly promote philosophical discussion, but it does touch on several important issues that listeners may question for themselves–ideas like “What is love?” “What is the difference between sex and intimacy?” and “Is sex necessary to love and closeness?” Perhaps listeners will be challenged with mind-boggling questions like this out on the dance floor even while the catchy melody and energizing rhythm cause them to lose their minds (in an enjoyable and enthralling way!).

What did you think about “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Disciples? Do you agree about the meaning? Or do you think there’s something intended here? Did you like the song? Do you enjoy dancing to it? Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!



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